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AEG Power Solutions announces improved Protect B UPS for SME and SoHo

AEG Power Solutions announced its latest Protect B series of uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), which provide a true sinusoidal output to avoid any risk of damage to electronic equipment... Read more: www.aegps.com

AEG Power Solutions has been selected to provide 25 UPS systems for the Tempa Rossa onshore oilfield in Italy.


The main engineering contractor for the site has chosen AEG Power Solutions to provide the complete power supply solutions, consisting of 4 DC UPS systems, 15 AC UPS systems and 6 combined AC and DC systems. Read more: www.aegps.com

AEG POWERTOOLS are proud to announce its second generation of cordless technology; PRO LITHIUM-ION.


The revolutionary new battery technology is 100% backward compatible with past and present AEG power tools. Answering to user demands for increased runtime, durability, ergonomics and ease of use, the new AEG PRO LITHIUM-ION system offers optimum performance on all levels.


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